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Please contact us and we can customize a trip to meet the needs of your individual group.  All of our charters depart from the Cocohatchee River Marina located off of Vanderbilt Drive in North Naples.  All of out Deep Sea Fishing Charters and Tours are conducted on our 29 Foot Intrepid Center Console which is pictured on the Home Page.

Cancellation: In order to hold your date we require a 50% deposit.  Deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is 7 days in advance.  No shows will be charged the full trip amount.  Weather cancellations will be at the sole discretion of the captain.

Weather: I will have the final say if the trip is to be canceled due to weather. In order to stay in business we can not cancel every time there is a little bit of wind, BUT we can not take our guests out when conditions are extremely uncomfortable either. We want people to come back and fish with us year after year and having a positive experience makes that happen. If conditions are going to be unsafe or extremely uncomfortable I am good about rescheduling. Should we be out on the water and forced to come in early due to unsafe conditions; you will only be charged for the time you were on the water. If rescheduling is not possible I am also very fair about refunding your deposit. Those of you that have fished with us in the past know this.

Early Booking: Bookings made greater than 30 days in advance will receive a 6% discount and Bookings made greater than 60 days in advance will receive an 8% discount. Why do I give an early Booking Discount? Booking early makes planning out things significantly easier! It’s especially helpful if you’re thinking about doing a full day charter and gives me a little extra time to prep the gear which is often times different versus the half day charter. It also allows time to make arrangements for live bait compared to booking the night before. Generally people are hesitant to book early because they have had a negative experience with regards to weather in the past. Please see our weather and cancellation policy. Enter Discount Code SAVE6 or SAVE8 at checkout!

Final Payment:  Final payment will be cash or credit.  Cash is always preferred, but we DO NOT charge a credit card processing fee if you choose to pay with a card.   

What to Bring: We provide a large cooler stocked with ice and bottled water.  All Licenses, Bait, Tackle, Rods, and Reels are provided. Be prepared for a day on the water and dress for the weather.  Food and snacks are always a good idea.  You are also welcome to bring soda, beer, wine, etc.  We operate a drug free vessel, so DO NOT even ask!

Questions:  Here are some questions you may want to ask when choosing an Offshore Fishing Charter in the Naples area!  There are a ton of Fishing Charters to choose from and lots of good ones!  Just make sure that you are comparing Apples to Apples when making your final decision.

  1. Do they have NOAA Permits? We hold a set NOAA Reef and Pelagic permits which LEGALLY allows us to fish Federal beyond 9 miles of shore. There is a moratorium on these permits and in the entire country there are only 1200 sets. Many charters in the Naples area DO NOT have these and even if you are a sold a Deep Sea Fishing Charter you will be forced to fish within 9 miles of shore.

  2. Do they have the boat to bring you out and back safely and comfortably? In the Naples area most Fishing Charters operate boats that are less than 24 feet in length and powered by a single engine. These boats are designed for shallow bays and Inshore Fishing. They are great for taking offshore a few miles when the weather is calm, but if seas grow beyond even a couple feet you will be in for a rough and wet ride. All of our charters are conducted on our 29 foot Intrepid Center Console which is pictured on the homepage. Our boat is designed specifically for Offshore Fishing and features: twin engines, two VHF radios, all coast guard required safety gear, and an EPIRB.

  3. Do they use quality fishing gear? We use St. Croix Rods, Seigler Conventional Reels, Penn Spinfisher Spinning Reels, Owner Hooks, and Fluorocarbon Leader Material. These are the things that actually connect you to the fish after all. In short we won't hand you anything that we would not use ourselves!

  4. What will you use for Bait? This might seem like a silly question, but sometimes the biggest difference in success and failure in fishing down here is the bait you use! Whenever possible we will catch live baitfish for our charters. For the longer trips we will often purchase pinfish if they are available. Lots of charters will only use frozen bait and sometimes it works great too. Most of the time; the live stuff is the best!

  5. Where are they located? Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures is conveniently located in North Naples off of Vanderbilt drive. You will be out to the Gulf and on your way to the fishing grounds within 15 minutes versus 30 minutes if you choose to leave from Gordon Pass in Downtown Naples. This means more fishing time!

  6. Will they give 100% maximum effort during every hour of your trip?

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