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Naples Private Dolphin Tour

Our Private Dolphin Excursions depart from the Cocohatchee River Marina in North Naples.  These charters cruise the beaches and backwaters from Wiggins Pass to Lovers Key State Park.  Generally we will make a loop which starts at Wiggins Pass and runs along the beach to Lovers Key State Park.  On the way home we cruise  through the mangroves.  If you have never had the opportunity to do a dolphin tour like this we highly recommend it. 

Naples Dolphin Viewing Tour

If seeing wild dolphins is your motivation for cruising with us, then this is the trip to be on. This trip introduces you to the many families of dolphins that live in Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Along with watching dolphins play, this 2 hour cruise takes you for an adventure. You’ll see ospreys, and other amazing animals native to Southwest Florida. The main difference between this trip and other Dolphin Tours in the area is that you will have the entire boat to yourselves.  If you have a question, special request, want to get closer to something for a photo, or anything else feel free to ask!  You won't have to compete with a boat full of people.  This is a perfect trip for families as well as groups of adults that want a private trip.  It is also possible to schedule trip around sunset.      

Dolphin Tour Rates

2 hours-$325.00 (up to 6 people)

Naples Dolphin Boat Tour Description

Everyone loves seeing wild dolphins! The Dolphin Excursion actively searches for dolphins. We cover miles and miles of water on this trip often at speed, so its always important to dress for the weather. If its calm in the Gulf we usually like to head out of Wiggins Pass and run up Barefoot Beach to Lovers Key State Park. Once we reach Lovers Key we will cruise the backwaters searching for pods of Dolphins. Sometimes it takes a little bit of searching, but we are very successful at finding the Dolphins! Once we find the dolphins they are usually very playful and it is common to have them jumping in the wake of the boat.