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Offshore Fishing Charters

Offshore fishing in Naples and Bonita Springs is an exciting experience for all ages and experience levels.  Commonly know deep sea fishing; offshore fishing charters gives anglers the opportunity to catch Grouper, Snapper, Sharks, Goliath Grouper, Permit, Cobia, Kingfish, and numerous other species that can only be found by heading to offshore fishing locations in the Gulf of Mexico. Everything from family friendly fishing charters to deep sea fishing charters for trophy fish are offered by Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures.  Deep Sea Charter Fishing is fun for the entire family and a must do while you are visiting southwest Florida!   

Naples Offshore Fishing Charters

Numerous factors determine what we will target and catch on any given charter including: weather, tides, season, and length of charter. In the Naples area the fishing gets consistently better the further offshore that we are able to run. This is especially true for Grouper and Snapper. It’s not a secret that these fish are excellent table fare and every year these species get more difficult to find close to shore. Fortunately we hold a set of NOAA Reef and Pelagic permits that allow us to legally fish in Federal waters beyond 9 miles offshore and access less pressured fishing grounds.

Before choosing an offshore fishing charter it is important to know that most charters in Naples do not have these federal permits. Please see the descriptions below, so that you know what to expect. It is always best to contact me personally if you have questions trying to decide which charter is right for your party, so please feel free to call!

 Naples Offshore Fishing Charter Rates (Up to 50 Miles Offshore) 

4.5 and 6.5 Hour Charter Description: These are our most popular trips for families and travel up to 25 miles offshore. We understand that when you are on vacation sometimes dedicating the entire day to a fishing trip isn’t always possible. On these trips due to the shorter time we target what has been our best bite lately. When catching dinner is the priority we will normally target: Lane Snapper, Silver Snapper, Sheepshead, and Mangrove Snapper. After we have taken care of dinner we normally try for a big fish. On a half day trip our big fish could be a shark, Goliath grouper, Barracuda, Permit, King Mackerel, or Cobia.

4.5 Hour Offshore Charter $575 (Up to 4 passengers) Additional passengers $50.00

6.5 Hour Offshore Charter $825 (Up to 4 passengers) Additional passengers $50.00

8.5 Hour Charter Description: Traveling up to 40 miles offshore this charter targets a variety of snapper species while reef fishing and often picks up a few keeper sized Red Grouper. If wreck fishing is your preference we can target: Cobia, Permit, Amberjack, Barracuda, Goliath Grouper. We can also fish for King Mackerel on this charter if you choose.

10.5 Hour Charter Description: Traveling up to 50 miles offshore these trips are catered toward fishing families or more serious anglers. This is the BEST option if you are looking to catch keeper sized Red Grouper.

8.5 Hour Offshore Charter $1075 (Up to 4 passengers) Additional passengers $100.00

10.5 Hour Offshore Charter $1250 (Up to 4 passengers) Additional passengers $100.00

***The above are final rates as we DO NOT charge a credit card processing fee***