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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

Spring Break Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

The water is getting warmer…the amount of bait has been increasing…AND the fishing has steadily getting better and better! We have been doing LOTS of our 4.5 hour charters overt the past month with Spring Break in full swing. The king mackerel have showed up just in time and we have been targeting these for the most part on the half day trips. We have also been finding some decent sized Mangrove Snapper on some of the Nearshore artificial wrecks (downsizing the tackle and leader has been the key to catching these). It is really good to see some life coming back to the area after dealing with the Red Tide last fall! We even spotted some tarpon off the beach last week and had one of them on for a couple jumps! Hopefully the fishing continues to get better!

King Mackerel-Naples-Florida-Fishing-Bonita Springs

Grouper Fishing

Ted Gibson

Had some cold weather this past week and it looks like the next couple days are going to be a little breezy too. Anyways had the day off this past Friday and took my grandfather out fishing for the day. When I go fishing for fun it usually involves more driving than fishing because I usually go out looking for new spots! We picked a spot on the GPS that was about 115’ deep and aimed for that. 115’ is approximately 50 miles offshore, so it was a bit of a boat ride…but the weather was nice and we made about 35 mph the entire way out.

Eventually we hit our mark and I started idling around for about 20 minutes until we started marking a little bit of bait on the bottom. Drove a little further and the little bit of bait turned into “The Show” as we started marking lots of fish as well. Weren’t entirely sure what they were, so we dropped a piece of squid down on a Grouper Rod to see what was down there. The bait hit bottom and I reeled it up about a foot…just about got bit as soon as I picked the bait off bottom. After about 4 minute fight we had a 32” Red Grouper on the deck and 20 minutes later we had a limit of 4 around the same size.

Found 2 more spots a little shallower with the same result, but the best fishing seemed to be in about 110’ to 117’ We also tried quite a few others that turned out to be duds, but I was happy with finding the handful of new ones. It was a good day and even though we caught plenty of other fish we didn’t really see the need to keep anything more than the 4 nice grouper….That means we saved some for our charters (we had to release some that were bigger than the ones we kept).

Red Grouper-Naples-Florida-Offshore Fishing

January 2019 Fishing

Ted Gibson

Little break after the holidays, so time to update the fishing report. The fishing on the half day trips has been improving. Still plenty of Grunts or “Silver Snapper” around, but we are starting to see more Mangrove Snapper and Sheepshead as well. There has also been a surprising number of sharks in the 2’-4’ range present which is a good size on light gear for people that haven't caught one before. The only problem is one decided to take a bite out of my chum bag last week.

The last full day trip I did was on January 9. We knew a front was coming in later on in the day, but my crew wanted to try and sneak out before it arrived. Unfortunately for us the weather arrived a little sooner than we expected and we had to run home in 5’ seas. The seas were out of the west, so the ride in wasn't that terrible.

The fishing was decent where we ended up despite the weather. We fished approximately 37 miles West Southwest of Wiggins Pass. We caught: Bonita, Kingfish, and Mangrove Snapper. We did get some Red Grouper, but they were all undersized that day unfortunately. Due to the conditions it was one of those days where we were targeting “whatever wants to bite.” At the ended of the day we tried “one more spot” over a wreck and within 15 minutes we ended up putting a 30 pound cobia on the deck to end the day as well as a large Goliath Grouper ~300 pounds that we tagged and released.

I update the Facebook Page more often than this section of our website, so if you would like a more up to date report follow the link below!


Captain Ted

Cobia-Naples-Deep Sea-Charter Fishing

Christmas Week Fishing

Ted Gibson

Its ben an extremely busy past couple of weeks, so thanks to everyone for fishing with us! We had some really rough weather right before Christmas, so there were about ten days where we couldn’t go even if we wanted to. It’s really nice to see the water quality improve again after dealing with the Red Tide this summer and fall! Please be sure to check out our Facebook Page to see what we have been catching from day to day on our charters (I update it more frequently than this). There is a link to the Facebook Page at the bottom of our homepage on this website and I will paste one below!


Captain Ted Gibson

Porgy-Deep Sea-Charter-Naples-Fishing