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Naples Fishing Report

Going The Extra Miles

Ted Gibson

Took a party of four from New Hampshire out yesterday on a 4.5 hour charter. Dayna and Andrea (the two ladies) had never fished before. We ran out to 10 miles and started fishing in about 36' after about 45 minutes we only caught one small mangrove snapper in a spot that 2 days ago we had caught a limit relatively easily. The water was pretty brown and we smelled some red tide, so we decided to run SW about 8 more miles to a spot I had only driven over in the past, but I always wanted to try. We get to the new spot at which point we are almost 21 miles from the dock (far for a half day trip).

The water was much cleaner at the new spot and we began marking all kinds of fish on the Garmin. I checked the drift and dropped the anchor. As soon as we dropped the chum bag in; mangrove snapper, jack crevalle, and blue runners started coming to the boat. We began catching all kinds of fish and got broke off by a couple big ones on the bottom (when we could reach bottom; there were so many snapper it was hard to find).

The day was saved at this point and my crew was pretty stoked! Dayna had never even caught a fish in her life before and she must have caught 20 yesterday. Everything was great and I was started to get ready to head back in when...our freeline with a crab started screaming out line. I totally forgot about putting the crab out and it took a second to realize what was happening. I grabbed the rod out of the t-top and passed it off to Mike (dark blue shirt) and told him to hang on. After about a 20 minute fight on very light gear we pulled in a good sized Permit.

It was an awesome morning and worth the extra gas to catch that Permit at the very end!

Permit-Naples-Deep Sea

Half Day Offshore Fishing With Keith Jim

Ted Gibson

Yesterday I fished with Keith and Big Jim. We started off the morning fishing a reef about 14 miles Offshore from Naples. Fishing started off very slow and after about an hour of not catching much other than a couple grunts; we decided to move in a little closer to shore. The next spot was some artificial structure in about 36’ of water. As soon as we dropped our lines down at the second spot we started catching Mangrove Snapper to 16”, Gag Grouper to 22” and Spanish Mackerel. Finished off the morning with a limit of Mangrove Snapper. Didn't land any huge fish, but did get broken off by some nice ones.

Snapper-Deep Sea Fishing-Naples-Florida

September Half Day Fishing Naples

Ted Gibson

Went out on a half day charter with a group of 4 yesterday.  The good news is there are still fish out there to be caught!  My day started off early getting down to Wiggins and trying to catch some live bait.  Went straight out to 18' of water where some birds were working and used a Sabiki rig to catch Threadfin Herring.  I then went to the beach where there were literally thousands and thousands of Pilchards (small ones).  We fished multiple spots from 3-12 miles offshore.  We caught Mangrove Snapper, Grunts, Blue Runners, Gag Grouper, Pork Fish, Spanish Mackerel, and had a shark on for a few minutes.   It was good just to catch some fish after the red tide.  It was also good to see the bait starting to show back up again.  Fishing should continue to get better!


March 2018 Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

First of all thanks to everyone for making March 2018 such a busy month!  We have been doing mostly 4.5 hour trips the last few weeks.  We have been catching plenty of Lane and Mangrove Snapper for those looking to catch dinner.  The King Mackerel have been inconsistent, but we have had several days with 10 plus fish.  The last few trips we have also landed some nice Gag Grouper, but they are unfortunately out of season.  Thanks again to everyone for fishing with us! 


January Offshore Trip

Ted Gibson

Went on a full day shared charter yesterday. We weren’t sure that we were going to be able to make it happen with the way the weather has been this month. When we got to the pass the seas were surprisingly calm, so my crew elected to go for it. We went through a few miles of fog, but it cleared and it was a straight shot and smooth boat ride out to 75 feet of water.

Ended up landing several undersized red grouper, some big mangrove snapper, porgies, gags, and an Amberjack. The one porgy was 22” and makes the rest of the snappers seem small in the picture...he was a little tank!

Around 3 0’clock the winds started gusting to 20 knots and the seas started to pick up. We elected to head to the barn! The boat ride in wasn’t as smooth or dry as the ride out haha.

Thanks to my crew for making it a fun day!