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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

Gettin Ready For Easter

Ted Gibson

April is already here! It seems like it was Christmas yesterday! March 2017 was the busiest month we have ever had and time has certainly been flying by this season! Other than a few days where we were forced to cancel due to weather we have been out pretty much every day over the last few weeks and have been fortunate to have some very good days on the water.  Even when it has been windy and other smaller boats have been forced to cancel due to conditions we have been catching fish in our closer spots.  The water was at 76 degrees the other day and has been warming up consistently.  We have been getting some nice king mackerel and the snapper fishing has continued to improve.  We are going through what has to be our last cold front of the year until fall! After the fish settle down the fishing should continue to get better and better!  The Snapper fishing should be especially good the next few days with the dirty water from the wind and waves the last few days!