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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

Summer Fishing

Ted Gibson

Things have definitely slowed down as far as people with summer starting and "season" ending.  Fishing along with the water (now in the low 80's) has been heating up.  We have been doing mostly 4 hour charters within 10 miles of shore.  We have been catching Mangrove Snapper to 16" as well as a few other random species mixed in.   Towards the end of our trips most people have been electing to try for Goliath Grouper...they bite pretty good when the water gets warm!

I did go out 25 miles the other day and got into a few red grouper to 27" and a couple King Mackerel to 15 Pounds.  The Grouper were caught drifting with some carcasses that I've been saving (Grunts, Squirrelfish, Sand Perch).  The Kings were caught speed trolling plugs while I was looking for new bottom.