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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

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Grouper Fishing

Ted Gibson

Had some cold weather this past week and it looks like the next couple days are going to be a little breezy too. Anyways had the day off this past Friday and took my grandfather out fishing for the day. When I go fishing for fun it usually involves more driving than fishing because I usually go out looking for new spots! We picked a spot on the GPS that was about 115’ deep and aimed for that. 115’ is approximately 50 miles offshore, so it was a bit of a boat ride…but the weather was nice and we made about 35 mph the entire way out.

Eventually we hit our mark and I started idling around for about 20 minutes until we started marking a little bit of bait on the bottom. Drove a little further and the little bit of bait turned into “The Show” as we started marking lots of fish as well. Weren’t entirely sure what they were, so we dropped a piece of squid down on a Grouper Rod to see what was down there. The bait hit bottom and I reeled it up about a foot…just about got bit as soon as I picked the bait off bottom. After about 4 minute fight we had a 32” Red Grouper on the deck and 20 minutes later we had a limit of 4 around the same size.

Found 2 more spots a little shallower with the same result, but the best fishing seemed to be in about 110’ to 117’ We also tried quite a few others that turned out to be duds, but I was happy with finding the handful of new ones. It was a good day and even though we caught plenty of other fish we didn’t really see the need to keep anything more than the 4 nice grouper….That means we saved some for our charters (we had to release some that were bigger than the ones we kept).

Red Grouper-Naples-Florida-Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

Ran out to about 45 miles Monday with some friends to check out the offshore bite.  Had a really great day and nice weather.  Drifted a few times for grouper; picked up 4 keepers on 3 drifts.  While we were drifting we picked up a few big Mangrove Snapper, so we switched tactics to target the Mangroves.  The snapper bite was really good and picked up several limits of mangroves up to 19".  Before we headed in we ran over to a wreck to grab a goliath grouper and whatever else was on it.  Caught several Amberjacks, Barracudas, Goliath Grouper, and nice cobia.  Really great day and we had a blast.


After Thanksgiving Nearshore and Offshore Fishing

Ted Gibson

Fishing as well as the number of people down here has really started to pick up.  We had a couple really good days for kings last week.  We were also able to pull up a couple of Goliath Grouper for those that wanted to try.  Offshore from 45-65 feet we have been getting into some Mangrove Snapper and even a couple Mutton Snapper.  No Keeper Gags the last few days; just some undersized fish.  Fishing should continue to get better this week as we get into some stronger tides.


6 Hour Offshore Fishing and Afternoon Dolphin Tour

Ted Gibson

Parker party of 3 onboard yesterday (repeat client).  Ran out to about 45 feet of water approximately 18 miles from Wiggins Pass.  Started off on anchor for the first hour.  Put out 3 balloons with a variety of baits.  One was specifically for shark rigged with a king mackerel carcass.  The other two were rigged with a blue runner and a Large Pilchard.  Chummed and live chummed with the pilchards I caught before the trip, but nothing grabbed the baits under the balloons.  We were catching a lot of fish on the bottom rods while we were waiting for a big bite.  Lots of short Red Grouper, Lane Snapper, and Grunts.  After an hour and a half I pulled the anchor and started drifting over the reef.  We used Spro Jigs and Knocker Rigs with live squirrel fish and sand perch that we caught while we were anchored.  We caught less fish drifting, but the size of the grouper was bigger and we managed to catch one legal one on a live sand perch.  Tried with and without the Drift Sock deployed…seemed like the faster drift helped yesterday anyways.  We fished hard and and ended up keeping about a dozen lane snappers and the one grouper which made enough for dinner.  I’m thinking we need to bump out a little bit further to get into the groupers a little better and to get into some nicer lanes, but on a 6 hour trip we usually don’t go more than 20 miles offshore.  Overall not a bad morning!

Got back to Cocohatchee at 2 cleaned up the boat and then took out the Baynes party of 6 for a dolphin tour.  We left Wiggins and ran the beach up to Lovers Key State Park and Estero Bay.  Made a lap around the bay and found a pod of dolphins on the North side of Mound Key.  Pulled alongside and the Dolphins followed the boat for almost 20 minutes.  On the way back to Wiggins I taught Brady and Rose (the two kids onboard) how to drive the Intrepid.  We made S-turns down Bonita Beach and wove around the crab trap buoys along Barefoot Beach on the way back.  Had a blast on the Dolphin Tour.  We have been so busy fishing its the first one I have had time to do in a couple weeks.

Grouper-Offshore-Naples-Bonita Springs-Florida-Charter Fishing-Fishing Charter
Dolphin Tour-Naples-Estero Bay-Fort Myers Beach-Florida-Lovers Key