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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

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Tourney Time

Ted Gibson

We did a corporate fishing tournament out of the Ritz Carlton, Naples yesterday and ended up catching the biggest fish out of the 10 boats that were in it.  It was a friendly tournament and we didn’t win anything…except bragging rights! I asked my crew at the beginning of the charter what they felt like doing and they decided to stay close and try for bigger fish instead of heading to the reef for numbers of fish. I taped out the fish and according to the Length x Girth formula she was about 375 pounds.  These big girls are pretty accessible and surprisingly easy to catch…especially during the summer.  The last few times that I have had the boat out we have gotten at least one with the groups that have elected to try.

If you’ve never gotten to see one up close its definitely something worth doing at least once.  Personally I’ll take Snapper, but I’m more than happy to watch you guys pull on a Goliath Grouper

Goliath Grouper-Naples-Florida-Offshore Fishing

Good Weather and Good Fishing

Ted Gibson

We were out on charters Sunday and Monday.  Fished in about 45' of water both trips over live bottom.  We tried closer areas both days, but nothing was happening.  We got into plenty of Lane Snapper to make dinner and caught Red Grouper to 19 and 15/16".  Besides the bottom fish we have been running free lines for whatever happens to be cruising up high in the water column.  We have had trouble bringing the fish hitting the free lines to the boat.  On Sunday we hooked 3 kingfish, but went 0/3 and had one all the way up to the boat.  Monday we had a Cobia come into the chum and had him on for a few seconds, but lost him.  Its pretty frustrating when it happens like that, but sometimes the fish just get away.  Other than a little fog in the morning the weather has been great the last few days and yesterday I even got a chance to fish Estero Bay with my friend Captain Josh of  He put me on a really nice redfish plus some snook and trout.  We still have plenty of openings! Contact us today to book your charter.


Red Fish-Charter-Fishing-Naples-Bonita Springs

Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures Nearshore Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

Started the day off by running offshore to catch bait.  Tossed the net a couple times and caught plenty of bait for the day (good sized ones today too).  The water was clear and as I pulled in the net I could see a school of Spanish eating the pilchards that were stunned.  Free lined a couple of pilchards and caught a few Spanish to save for bait.  Cleaned up the boat a bit and ran back to Wiggins to pick up the Miller party of three.  Ran out to the same general area where I caught bait and dropped anchor over some artificial structure in about 25’ of water.  Butterflied one of the Spanish Mackerel and put it down on the hand line for Goliath Grouper.  I got the clients fishing (they caught a couple of Spanish Mackerel).  Suddenly I realized the boat was moving; at first I thought the anchor came unhooked, but then I remembered the hand line was still down. Ran to the back of the boat and started pulling on the hand line with Scott.  We ended up pulling up a 300 plus pound goliath grouper.  Took some nice pictures and fished for a little longer, but not much was happening.  Fired up the engines and ran out to about 33’ of water over some natural bottom.  Caught a couple grunts (not much was happening here either and there was no water movement).  Got frustrated with the slow fishing, so I ran out farther than I normally do on a 4 hour charter to about 45’ of water.  We immediately started catching red grouper to 19” and Lane Snapper to 11” as soon as the baits hit the bottom.  I Got a couple of free lines going to cover the upper water column and started to live chum the remaining pilchards.  One of the free lines took off and we ended up landing a 5 pound Bonita.  A few minutes later another free line went off and we ended up getting about a 15 pound King Mackerel.  Started to get them fired up with the chum and ended up hooking a few more before it was time to head back.  Caught a bunch of fish today and some nice ones! Ended up being out there for nearly 5 hours and burned a little more gas than I would have liked on a 4 hour trip, but we had a great time and it was totally worth it!

Goliath Grouper-Naples-Fishing Charter-Charter Fishing-Nearshore-Bonita Springs-Deep Sea

Early January Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

We have been out fishing the last two days.  Popovic Party of 4 on January 5 and the Durst Party of 6 January 6. Both trips were from 8-12.  We have been catching the end of the outgoing and beginning of the incoming tides the last couple days.  I have been running about 3 miles offshore to catch pilchards on one of the nearshore wrecks before the charters which makes for an early start to my day, but they have been the key to catching the kings which we have been targeting. The king mackerel have been in the 20-25 pound range.  We have been doing most of our mackerel fishing over live bottom within 9 miles of the beach.  In addition to the Kingfish we have been catching Spanish Mackerel, Red Grouper (mostly undersized), Mangrove Snapper (to 14"), Triggerfish, and more!   Thelight tackle Bottom fishing has been giving us some action while we have been waiting for the kings to bite.  The Spanish mackerel have been around in decent numbers, but the highest concentrations have been in the same spots we have been catching the pilchards.  We still have some January openings that we are trying to fill!

King Mackerel-Snapper-Naples-Florida-Offshore-Deep Sea-Report