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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

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Bringing In The Browns

Ted Gibson

The last few half day trips we have been running out a little further than I normally do to catch decent sized fish…which is bad because it means I burn more gas! However, the extra boat ride has been paying off as it produced this nice Cobia on Friday as well as some King Mackerel in the 5-15 pound range. The bottom fishing on the half day trips has not been phenomenal, but it has remained good on the full day trips. Contact us today to book your charter!

Cobia-Deep Sea Fishing-Fishing Report-Naples Fishing Charters

Halloween Eve Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

Thanks for checking out the Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures Report. Yesterday we started off grouper fishing in ~90' of water. Managed to box 5 keeper Red Grouper with the Biggest being about 31"

We drifted most of the time. Squid and the few pinfish that we had seemed to be the best baits. The morning bite was the hot, but after the first couple hours are baits were getting destroyed by Lanes and Vermillion Snapper and it was tough to keep the hooks baited.

After we were good on grouper we dropped down some lighter gear and picked off a few Lane and Vermillion Snapper.

On the way home one of the retired Air Force Relay Towers that we have in Naples was on the way, so we made a quick stop. At the Tower we picked off a couple Barracuda using Green Tube Lures and live blue runners for some fun fishing. The crew wanted a Goliath for a photo, so we dropped one of our Barracuda down for bait.

We didn't have to wait long and we had a Goliath Grouper on. After a few quick photos we headed back to the barn. Overall a great day on the water with an awesome crew from Massachusetts.

Fishing Report-Naples-Red Grouper-Goliath Grouper-Deep Sea

Half Day Offshore Fishing With Keith Jim

Ted Gibson

Yesterday I fished with Keith and Big Jim. We started off the morning fishing a reef about 14 miles Offshore from Naples. Fishing started off very slow and after about an hour of not catching much other than a couple grunts; we decided to move in a little closer to shore. The next spot was some artificial structure in about 36’ of water. As soon as we dropped our lines down at the second spot we started catching Mangrove Snapper to 16”, Gag Grouper to 22” and Spanish Mackerel. Finished off the morning with a limit of Mangrove Snapper. Didn't land any huge fish, but did get broken off by some nice ones.

Snapper-Deep Sea Fishing-Naples-Florida

September Half Day Fishing Naples

Ted Gibson

Went out on a half day charter with a group of 4 yesterday.  The good news is there are still fish out there to be caught!  My day started off early getting down to Wiggins and trying to catch some live bait.  Went straight out to 18' of water where some birds were working and used a Sabiki rig to catch Threadfin Herring.  I then went to the beach where there were literally thousands and thousands of Pilchards (small ones).  We fished multiple spots from 3-12 miles offshore.  We caught Mangrove Snapper, Grunts, Blue Runners, Gag Grouper, Pork Fish, Spanish Mackerel, and had a shark on for a few minutes.   It was good just to catch some fish after the red tide.  It was also good to see the bait starting to show back up again.  Fishing should continue to get better!


Summer Fishing

Ted Gibson

Things have definitely slowed down as far as people with summer starting and "season" ending.  Fishing along with the water (now in the low 80's) has been heating up.  We have been doing mostly 4 hour charters within 10 miles of shore.  We have been catching Mangrove Snapper to 16" as well as a few other random species mixed in.   Towards the end of our trips most people have been electing to try for Goliath Grouper...they bite pretty good when the water gets warm!

I did go out 25 miles the other day and got into a few red grouper to 27" and a couple King Mackerel to 15 Pounds.  The Grouper were caught drifting with some carcasses that I've been saving (Grunts, Squirrelfish, Sand Perch).  The Kings were caught speed trolling plugs while I was looking for new bottom.