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Naples Fishing Report

Naples offshore fishing reports from our recent fishing charters

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January Offshore Trip

Ted Gibson

Went on a full day shared charter yesterday. We weren’t sure that we were going to be able to make it happen with the way the weather has been this month. When we got to the pass the seas were surprisingly calm, so my crew elected to go for it. We went through a few miles of fog, but it cleared and it was a straight shot and smooth boat ride out to 75 feet of water.

Ended up landing several undersized red grouper, some big mangrove snapper, porgies, gags, and an Amberjack. The one porgy was 22” and makes the rest of the snappers seem small in the picture...he was a little tank!

Around 3 0’clock the winds started gusting to 20 knots and the seas started to pick up. We elected to head to the barn! The boat ride in wasn’t as smooth or dry as the ride out haha.

Thanks to my crew for making it a fun day!


Gettin Ready For Easter

Ted Gibson

April is already here! It seems like it was Christmas yesterday! March 2017 was the busiest month we have ever had and time has certainly been flying by this season! Other than a few days where we were forced to cancel due to weather we have been out pretty much every day over the last few weeks and have been fortunate to have some very good days on the water.  Even when it has been windy and other smaller boats have been forced to cancel due to conditions we have been catching fish in our closer spots.  The water was at 76 degrees the other day and has been warming up consistently.  We have been getting some nice king mackerel and the snapper fishing has continued to improve.  We are going through what has to be our last cold front of the year until fall! After the fish settle down the fishing should continue to get better and better!  The Snapper fishing should be especially good the next few days with the dirty water from the wind and waves the last few days!


Spring Break Fishing Report

Ted Gibson

Its been and extremely busy few weeks and I finally found a few minutes to write about what we have been getting into out there.  We have been doing mostly 4 and 6 hour charters fishing within 16 miles.  The snapper fishing has been good and we have been catching them up to 18" recently.  We have also been getting into the occasional king mackerel which although aren't exceptional table fare always a fun fight.  The water has been getting warmer with the spring weather the last few days and we are getting into more sharks (hammerheads and blacktips) as well as the occasional Goliath Grouper.  Overall fishing has been great and should continues to get better!

Offshore Mixed Bag

Ted Gibson

We have been lucky with the fishing the last couple of charters and have been putting some really nice fish in the boat! Had some big kiddos with the Billman party Saturday morning and some little kiddos with the Grand Party Saturday afternoon! Both charters produced mixed bags including: Hogfish, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper to 19", Sheepshead to 20", and a few other species mixed in! We even tried dropping for Goliath Grouper, but didn't have any takers. Thanks for fishing with us guys!